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Business Development

Business Development is the art of implementing a business plan.  A powerful business plan is forward reaching many years into the future.  A good business, follows its plan and implements the ideas one by one.  Keeping in mind that not all of the ideas will be good ones or necessarily make any money.  The trick is to always move forward, implement the plan, measure the success or lack thereof of each initiative and dump them or go with it as the case may be. 

We can be the driving force behind your business plan.  Many business owners get bogged down with the day to day operation of their existing business that they have no time or resources to move their business forward.  We can help you avoid many of the pitfalls of executing a bad business initiative because we either have the experience to know what works and what doesn't or we have the contacts to get it.

Business Development Professionals are very expensive because they are worth it.  MHKogan Corp. will lend you one for a reasonable monthly retainer.  These professionals are your front line scouts.  They reach out and make new business contacts for your business.  The forge new relationships that add value to your business and they close the deals that grow your business. Most importantly they have the innate ability to spot an opportunity and to act on it.

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Business Plans/Strategy

Every business needs a business plan in order to be truly successful for the long term.  If you want your business to ever be in a position to approach potential investors, banks, the Small Business Administration, partners or business associates you need to have a proper business plan.   Even if you have already started your business and are making money you should still put together a plan. 

We can help you with "do it yourself" templates or a full team of professionals.  MHKogan Corp. can give your business what it needs to research, strategize, create and implement a powerful business plan for now and into the future.  We find that just the process of brainstorming the plan with owners and top management can generate new ideas and profit centers.

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Marketing Plans/Strategy

Marketing plans are completely different from business plans.  Where business plans give you the "what", marketing plans provide the "how".  How are we going to get the word out?; How are we going to get the customers in?; How are we going to drive traffic to our new website?; How are we going to convert the visitors into customers?  How are we going to extract profits from the customer?

The best part of working with MHKogan Corp. is that we have been creating and executing marketing plans for over 25 years.  We already know what works and what only provides moderate results.  We are always on the leading edge of "what's new" so that we can provide our clients with up to the minute concepts and technologies.

Brainstorming is so important at the marketing plan stage and the ability to connect with a seasoned professional is almost priceless. But not to worry we can assign a price to it.

Marketing is not just one initiative but a culmination of many multi media initiatives that together will fuel the critical mass required to create buzz or presence in the market place.  Critical mass means customers. 

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Web Presence

Web presence is crucial for almost any business today.  Whether you are going to conduct business over the internet or not; the internet is where people will go to find out about you or your business.  So this goes way beyond a web site.  This deals with SEO (search engine optimization), directory listings, banners, encyclopedia reference, press releases, public relations, trade references, trade organizations, BBB listings, B2B listings, online editorials and advertisements.

If you are going to conduct business from a website then it needs to look professional as this will be the first impression that a potential customer receives about your business.  Did you ever notice how certain website just look different?  They exude confidence.  They are built by professionals.  We have a number of firms on retainer that all they do is build the top websites for our customers.

The most important thing to understand about web presence and the internet in general is this.  Everybody knows a web designer or someone's kid can run DreamWeaver or so it seems. And the first question any one of them will ask you is "what do you want it to look like? when can you send me some content?".  And that is where the trouble starts because you don't have a clue what it should look like and neither does your spouse or significant other. At MHKogan Corp. WE KNOW WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE and we can help you develop the content that will set your site apart from the rest.

Even if you have no interest in eCommerce or the internet you still need to pay attention to what people are saying about your business on the internet.  This can have a great effect on your bottom line.  We have had clients with no internet knowledge whatsoever come to us to resolve a loss of business issue.  Only to discover that there was an online community forum dedicated to discussing their lack of service.  It is the 21st century....Web Presence is very important.

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Sales Protocols

Once your business has gotten to the point where you are ready to turn over the sales functions to a sales manager and build a real sale department you will need a sales protocol.  How should these new people be representing your company?  What is the sales pitch?  How long is the sales cycle?  What is the compensation plan?  What is the warrantee?  What sales tactics work and which ones do you despise?

I can't tell you how many times we see business owners leave all of these decisions to each person that they hire rather than develop a proper sales protocol. So each person does it differently; their own way and the end result is bad business.

Let the professionals at MHKogan Corp. help you turn your sales success into a sales protocol for all your employees to follow.  We can help you do this for every department in your company so that everyone is doing things one way....your way.

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Market Research/Proof of Concept

We live in great times and the Internet is truly a wonderful business tool. Market research used to be the secret weapon of big business, but now the playing field has been leveled and the small business man has access to some very powerful information.

We just prepared a full business plan and proof of concept for WineMall.com a pure play internet sales site for wine enthusiasts.  Our researchers were able to find current market research on the internet that 10 years ago would have cost the company half a million dollars to produce on their own.  We found a complete study detailing the wine consumer demographics broken down into six key premium wine consumer segments.  We found industry stats, competitor information, pretty much everything we need to put together a powerful fully researched business plan.  More importantly we were able to prove the WineMall.com concept to its investors before they funded the core business.

Market research is a very powerful tool and we know how to find the data that is already available or go out and conduct the research ourselves.  Most importantly we can show you how to use this level of information to make your business much more profitable.

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Television, print ads, brochures, web ads, banners, interstitials, billboards, web traffic, sky writing, flyers, hand-outs, promotional items, radio and special events are ways to execute your marketing plan.  MHKogan Corp. has access to a multi-range of talent in all of these areas.  We can help create the ideas, produce the ads and commercials and buy the time or publication space required to implement them.

In this age of Cable TV, Satellite TV, Fios TV, Network and local buys have become a very involved business unto themselves.  We can get you the best placement for the best prices to broadcast your message.

Magazines are another animal altogether.  Anyone that approaches a magazine directly will pay top rate card dollar.  There are deals and caveats in the paper publishing industry that can be unbelievably reasonable or expensive.  This is where our years of experience pays off literally.

Let us help you before you make a very expensive mistake.

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