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  1. How we made Doyle Brunson a "Household" name.
  2. Pamela Anderson's PamelaPoker.com was one of the most successful online poker room launches in history.
  3. How PlatinumPoker.com registered 5,000 players in 60 days with just SEO.
  4. How do you sell a window for $5,000?

How we made Doyle Brunson a "Household" name.

When the owners of DoylesRoom.com first decided to enter the online poker space they thought that everyone knew who Doyle Brunson was. Everyone in the poker world may have heard of Doyle, but they soon learned just how small the poker world was.  Wherever they went wearing DoylesRoom.com apparel they were asked what's DoylesRoom? Who is Doyle Brunson?  Even in the big Las Vegas hotels people would stop and ask them to explain.

The first thing that we did was to revamp the companies logo with Doyle's current image, the way he looks today rather than the way he looked 20 years ago.  We then used his likeness and name everywhere that we could.  Every advertisement, banner ad, web page, hats, shirts, posters all emblazoned with Doyle's name and image.  Its called Branding, Branding, Branding and it works.

Next came the PR campaign.  5WPR (www.5wpr.com) out of New York City is one of the fastest growing PR firms in the US.  They did a fantastic job of getting Doyle's name, image and the name of the online poker room DoylesRoom.com into every day mainstream media.  Time Magazine, major newspapers, major public interest publications, national radio, television news and talk shows.  "The Godfather of Poker" and  "The Babe Ruth of Poker" were planted in every webpage and all editorial content issued by 5W and the site.  Press releases are one of the best kept online marketing secrets and were used extensively to spread the word and the legend that has become Doyle Brunson.

Television and online video.  Poker shows are still one of the most watched sports shows on television today.  Doyle played in as many televised events as his schedule would allow.  We made it a point to negotiate for the rights to use as much of that footage as possible for the website and our own television commercials.  If you have the budget nothing sells like television.  Something as simple as another famous player like Johnny Chan wearing a DoylesRoom.com logo shirt during a televised event could send thousands of new players to the website minutes after the show would air.

Of course the biggest factor in proliferating Doyle Brunson is the man himself.  He truly is a southern gentlemen and one of the hardest working 73 year old men that I have ever had the honor to work with.  Doyle traveled the country and appeared at events large and small.  Always ready with a smile, a handshake, an autograph and a funny story for all.  Day after day during the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Doyle would sign autographs, books and take photographs with his fans.

In just 2 years we helped DoylesRoom.com become the number 5 poker room in the World.  We registered hundreds of thousands of players and increased sales to over $50 million per year. 

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Pamela Anderson's PamelaPoker.com was one of the most successful online poker room launches in history.

We registered over 13,000 poker players with just one event.  This was accomplished with the power of PR, and let me tell you when it comes to getting press there is none better than Pamela Anderson.

We launched PamelaPoker.com from the DoylesRoom.com hospitality suite at the 2006 World Series of Poker.  We called an international press conference and put the 5WPR media machine to work.  We closed the doors when the room hit capacity of about 150 journalists, news outlets and television stations.

The free press generated from this one media event caused a huge surge of web traffic to PamelaPoker.com and 13,000 players registered to  participate in the site before a single magazine ad hit the streets.

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How PlatinumPoker.com registered 5,000 players in 60 days with just SEO.

We did this by originally naming the site "TheBinion.com".  Any poker player will tell you that Benny Binion, original owner of the Horseshoe brand in Las Vegas is also the man that created the World Series of Poker.  Jack Binion, Benny's son proliferated the WSOP and the Horseshoe into billion dollar brands.

By naming the site "TheBinion.com" and buying Google keywords (this was in 2002 long before Google banned gaming related keywords) and employing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) magic on the website, we registered 5,000 serious poker players in just 60 days. Then in order to avoid any conflict with the Binion's (they could squash us like very small bugs) we requested and were granted a meeting with Jack Binion. 

Mr. Binion was very pleasant and both he and his council were impressed that we came to them rather than force them to hunt us down.  As much as it appeared that they would have enjoyed being involved with this exciting online business, they were in the middle of selling the Horseshoe brand to Harrah's for $1.5 billion and did not want our use of the Binion name to interfere  They requested that we change the name and we agreed to comply.

After months of research, toil and sleepless nights we changed "TheBinion.com" to "PlatinumPoker.com" and continued to register real money players until we sold the site to The Doyle Brunson Poker Network in 2005.


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How do you sell a window for $5,000.

We helped MegaWood Industries sell thousands of beautiful custom windows for $5,000 and more.  As a matter of fact the average project was over $300,000 just for the windows.  Most of us pay that much for the whole house so we had to target a very exclusive group of people....the "Rich and Famous". 

So how do you sell windows to Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Simon, Sandra Bullock and John McEnroe windows?  You Don't.  We sold them to their architects.  Some of the most famous architects in the World.  So how do you sell windows to Richard Meier, Gwathmey Siegel, Daniel Libeskind and Michael Graves?  Again.... You Don't.

We created a calendar featuring stunning photographs of some of the most prestigious projects highlighting the windows as well as the architects that incorporated them into their custom designs.  We sent one to every underling working in the offices of the great architects.  These are the people that are tasked with sourcing the latest products and bringing them to the attention of the more senior staff.  We created a website with additional information as well as all of the shapes and details required to make incorporating the windows into their drawings easy.

We capped the program with creating a lunch time seminar that we could provide in the architects offices where we provided the lunch as well as the educational entertainment.  In many cases the principles would attend these functions and get a feel for the product first hand.

MegaWood sales went from $2 million per year to $7 million in the first year of the program and to $10 million in the second.

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